Nostalgia for the Light proved to be an interesting addition to my pre-Spring Break "sales pitch" for the  required research paper in my English Composition course. We watched the movie together, with the sound low enough that I was able to do a running commentary where needed. Talking them through ideas seems to help keep them focused, and imparts some value on the viewing, as well. I pre-loaded the viewing with a discussion of essential questions How do we appreciate what we consume? and How do we appreciate what consumes us? which we will tie right into topic selection for the research paper after Spring Break. Introducting the movie also meant letting them know I was aware that some folks might lable this a "sleeper" but that I felt the ideas are important enough to share. They bought into the idea pretty well for first year college students :) The PBS Viewing Guide provided some nice quotes with pertinent questions, of which I selected 5 to be the focus of team work after viewing. The movie definitely got them thinking, and I can only hope their writing about it is as good as their discussions after viewing! ....we'll share that later...
Amanda Eason

What a great idea, Amanda!  My English Composition class has already chosen their research paper topics, but this is a great idea for the Fall sustainability unit!
Rita Mac Auslan

March 18th - a few reflections to share with you

So, after reviewing some of the responses, I grabbed three to share with you-all. It's SO interesting to see how students react to and reflect upon something like Nostalgia for the Light. Some take it at the literal level - pushing to make connections. Others jump right into the abstract, lighting fires as they go :)
As you look at these, please do keep in mind that there are NOT drafted pieces - and are reflections of first-year community college students based on questions presented to them in class.
Click here for Student A response
Click here for Student B response
Click here for Student C response

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